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Petro-Chemical and General-Purpose Equipment


Sinomach has developed a series of large heat exchangers, storage tanks and petrochemical engineering equipment, as well as key products and technologies for petrochemical equipment quality assurance, inspection and assessment. Its products and technologies boast notable edges in efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. The company's competitive technologies and products have helped bridge the gap between China and Western countries.

Oil drilling and production machinery, oil refining and chemical equipment, petrochemical engineering equipment

Various kinds of refrigeration equipment, compressors, fans, water pumps, valves and other general-purpose machines and equipment

Large-size heat exchangers, pressure vessels

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  • Large Multi-stream Tubular Heat Exchange

  • Offshore Petroleum Equipment

  • Plate-Type Heat Exchanger

  • China’s First Efficient and Energy-saving Plate-Type Heat Exchanger (10,500 Square Meters)

  • EPC Project of 35 Spherical Tanks in the All Pressure Tank Farm of Dushanzi Petrochemical

  • 10,000-cubic-meter Spherical Natural Gas Tank